Our Vision

When Mikey Likes Fit was founded in 2015, we had only ONE goal in mind.

To change the lives of as many people as we can.

Not much has changed since then.


The One Change That You Can Count On.

Mikey Likes Fit aims to change the way you think about fitness. We strive to deliver real results to real world people. We take great pride in helping our clients succeed in achieving their goals using proven training methods to enhance their overall fitness level.

Our unique gymnastic-inspired workout system not only builds ridiculous levels of bodyweight strength, but also unparalleled levels of joint flexibility  and cardiovascular endurance. By prioritizing joint health and longevity, we are able to turn even novice exercisers into some of the strongest, most athletic individuals you can find.

Our students know what it takes to truly live a healthy lifestyle and they carry out the values that we instill each and every day. Like the importance of adhering to their weekly workout regimen or eating for optimal health and performance. We provide the tools necessary to make all this possible.

Do you have what it takes to step forward and take control of your lifestyle? Do you have what it takes to live the fit life?