Client Success Stories

“Mikey is one of the most gifted trainers I've ever had the privilege to train with.  “  -Lemuel Carlos, age 51

I was worried, at first, that I would get bored of the working out and stop just like other programs I began and soon after quit. Mikey has helped me overcome my reservations about working out with a trainer because he provided great variety in the exercises and made working out loads of fun! Plus, I've been getting amazing results.

When I first came to Mikey, my goals were to lose body fat to get a six pack and improve my shoulder to waist ratio. After almost two years, what I got from our training was worth so much more.

I was able to greatly improve my shoulder mobility, particularly challenging due to my previous surgery on the left side of my body. On top of that I have increased strength beyond what I could’ve ever imagined at 50 years old. I was also able to significantly lower my body fat, which helped to improve shoulder to waist ratio.

Mikey is one of the most gifted trainers I've ever had the privilege to train with. He has an innate sense of knowing exactly what your body needs to achieve the goals you are seeking. He makes working out fun and week to week I have been achieving significant and lasting results!

-Lemuel Carlos

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At first, I had my reservations about the financial investment that came with hiring a personal trainer. I contemplated whether working out with a trainer would be worth my hard-earned dollars. Today, after almost two years of working out with Mikey as my trainer, I think differently— Totally worth every penny.

My main goal was to improve my mobility, not only for jiu-jitsu, but also to counteract the rather sedentary lifestyle outside the gym. Not only have I greatly improved my mobility to levels far greater than I could’ve done on my own. I now feel muscles and joints that I never knew existed.

Mikey has proven, time and time again, that he is extremely knowledgeable about the human body. He has the uncanny ability to analyze, diagnose and then tailor his approach to my deficiencies and long-term goals.

-Piet Jan De Bruin


I like to think of myself as an active guy with a lot of hobbies. Some would argue that I am involved in too many extracurricular activities; which include tennis, mountain biking, hiking, and now training with Mikey.

My personal goals were to learn how to cool gymnastic exercises like the handstand, press handstand and L-sits in a safe manner. That’s what I’m getting when I workout with Mikey as my coach.I feel my overall strength has improved especially the end range strength and mobility. I’m now able to physically handle all the activities I love without skipping a beat.

I especially like the holistic approach of the gymnastics methodology mixing a strength movement with a mobility movement makes sense and feels good. I feel I've progressed farther in a few short months working out with Mikey than I have in doing 10 years of yoga.

Mikey has a tremendous knowledge and curiosity of the body and mind connection and its infectious.

-Matt Geerdes