Client Success Stories


“Mikey is one of the most gifted trainers I've ever had the privilege to train with. “

I was worried, at first, that I would get bored of the working out and stop just like other programs I began and soon after quit. Mikey has helped me overcome my reservations about working out with a trainer because he designed my workouts so that they would never be the same thing each time. He provided great variety in the exercises and made working out loads of fun! Plus, I’ve been getting amazing results.

When I first came to Mikey, my goals were to lose body fat to get a six pack and improve my shoulder to waist ratio. After almost two years, what I got from our training was worth so much more.

I was able to greatly improve my shoulder mobility, particularly challenging due to my previous surgery on the left side of my body. On top of that I have increased strength beyond what I could’ve ever imagined at 50 years old. I was also able to significantly lower my body fat, which helped to improve shoulder to waist ratio.

Mikey is one of the most gifted trainers I’ve ever had the privilege to train with. He has an innate sense of knowing exactly what your body needs to achieve the goals you are seeking. He makes working out fun and week to week I have been achieving significant and lasting results!
— Lemuel Carlos, Age 51