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The One Change That You Can Count On.

When I started Mikey Likes Fit back in 2015, I had one goal in mind. To change the way you think and feel about your health & fitness. Because we all know that that exercise and diet are essential for good health. The problem is that this awareness alone is not enough to create change in your daily habits.

This site is dedicated to sharing both the knowledge and the tools required to radically transform your health and exercise habits. What you will gain from using this site has been tested and evaluated over the course of many years with men and women of all ages; ranging from their early 20’s to their mid- 80’s.

My students know what it takes to truly live a healthy lifestyle and they carry out the values that I instill each and every day into their lives— like the importance of stretching between their workouts. You now have access to the same training methods and habit building plans that have reshaped the lives of many.

Now the question is: Do you have what it takes to take control of your health and exercise habits? Read more to get started on your path towards change.